Server Hostings

We at PINE Tech offer dedicated and shared hosting services for hosting any types of websites and web appplications. 

Shared Server hosting
This is the most commonly used hosting services for small websites and and web apps that requires less traffic. In this server hosting the resources are virtually shared to multiple users. 

VPS hosting
VPS or virtual private server hosting offers a hosting environment where each VPS is operated by its own operating system (OS) and applications. The VPS is created with others VPS that shares and reserves the machine's resources. This kind of server provides more control of the operating systems making it an excellent choice for hosting system like eCommerce, email systems, CRM, and any other applications that are likely to generate more traffic.

Dedicated server hosting
This server hosting has access to all the resources of a entire hardware and all the applications installed to it. Dedicated server hosting provides the maximum amount of hardware flexibility, transparency, and control over hardware resources. 

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